Finally …

… I got a shot of a couple at COLBAR. :-)

Been longing for a shot over here and after waiting for a good two years, I finally have one.

Image copyright of Pixareuz Photography.

This is from last week’s post wedding outdoor photoshoot with Rohaida and Dani. They just celebrated their two months of marriage together. N there’s another half of the photoshoot to go after they return from their trip in Europe. :-)

- Syuk

Singapore Skyline

Was out and about with my brother last weekend and spent quality time with him. Did a little night photography too and here’s something to share with our dearest readers.

Image copyright of Pixareuz Photography.

Quite a view, isn’t it? ;-) Click on the image to see a larger view of it. :-)

PS. I didn’t use a tripod for this shot. :-P

- Syuk

Dressing Up …

… for the occasion.

It’s such a sad sight to see people not dressing up for a wedding celebration. I mean, it’s not a day out in the park or hanging out with friends around town in shorts and caps. It’s a wedding.

Here’s a very good example of how I view a good dress code for attending a wedding celebration. :-)

Image copyright of Pixareuz Photography.

We should learn from this toddler. ;-)

N this is the boy that kept calling me ‘Clickman’ during Aliff & Suriani’s wedding celebration. :-)

- Syuk

Fine Weather

I always find that Friday is always a very hot day. I’m not sure about the ladies but for the muslim men, remember those times in primary/secondary/JC/poly days? Going to Masjid with friends to perform the Friday prayers, walking together to and back. It will usually be a very fine weather during the walk.

Well, today is that typical fine Friday weather again. I always think that before the weekends arrive, everybody has to go through something before enjoying a good long rest over the weekend.

Hope everyone is having a good Friday and have a great weekend ahead! ;-)

Image copyright of Pixareuz Photography.

Can you take the heat? ;-)

- Syuk

Delurking Day

Yes, I know delurking day has passed but hey, Pixareuz Photography would love to hear from all the silent readers and followers on our blog to speak up. Come on, I’m sure you’ve something you’d like to know or see more on this blog. ;-)

For those who have no idea what it is, Delurking Day is a day where all our dear blog readers leave a comment (no matter how small). Especially YOU, yes youuu… I know you’ve been reading and following our blog but not leaving any comment. :-P

It’s time to de-lurk and make yourself known to us! We wanna make friends and get to know you too! :-)

Don’t be shy now.. Just tell us your name and how you got to know about this blog or what you wanna see more over here. :-)

Don’t be another lurker, it’s time to de-lurk! Happy delurking! :-D

- Syuk

A Tribute …

… to my first ever DSLR, the Nikon D40X.

This humble little camera was the very beginning of how I started my journey in photography back in 2008 during my National Service days.

Back then, I had my eye on buying a Canon 400D instead of this. But somehow, my sister insisted that I get the Nikon (mind you, my sister has zero knowledge on cameras) because the salesman kept saying that the Nikon is much better. Oh well, since the best brands to get is either Nikon or Canon, I thought I wasn’t in any loss.

I kept shooting and shooting and shooting ever since I got my hands on it and that’s how I got to be where I am today. :-)

I’ve enjoyed my time with so many people using the D40X and produced images I never thought was possible with this entry level camera. Here are just some of it to share with you guys. :-)

Images copyright of Pixareuz Photography.

My very first assignment on model photoshoot. :-) N two years later …

… It has seen the joy of 5 grown up ladies during the first ever Ma Amia Belle with Heryanti and her girlfriends back in Jan 2010. :-D

I had a great time with Ida Eryani with the BGs aka Background Girls. :-P

One of the memorable bridal shower session I’ll never forget. :-)

Fun time with Mardiana & the LIl’ Misses. :-P

Sha & Fizah Ma Amia Belle photoshoot. :-)

It was a lickin’ good old time. :-P

Had my first time shooting an Arab couple for their journey before parenthood. :-)

I learnt how intimate a couple can be in front of the lens too. :-)

Here’s Sida & Fizzal during their pre-wedding session. One of our earlier wedding couple when we started. I was very surprised she booked us a year or so before her wedding and didn’t even set an appointment to look at our albums. Truly touched to have to have people like them who have faith in us. :-)

On days I skip classes or if classes ended early, I would usually hangout with Alim, a good friend of mine since National Service and we’d explore places in Singapore.

N would have quick portraits too sometimes. :-P

N this was taken when we had our first search for a couple to do the Eternel Du Marriage.

I remember having a hard time getting this shot of Adlina & Zayed coz the D40X doesn’t have a built-in motor for a 50mm lens. Had to manually focus and finally got a perfect shot. :-)

This is one of my daring shots with a couple using the D40X. I was surprised Norlian & Helmi were up for it and well, like the saying goes, “you’ll never know if you never tried”.

I can really go on with more images but these are just some of the highlights using the D40X. N if you noticed too, the images taken above are all from outdoor sessions coz number one, it’s an entry level camera so it has limits when I shoot with it. Number two, it doesn’t have a built-in motor to be used for lenses without motor in them. So I can’t use it to shoot for wedding celebrations coz it’s not equipped to handle such an assignment.

I had a great time using this humble entry level DSLR and all the fun times spent. I learnt photography and through it, it has made me more confident each time I shoot and I’m still in the learning journey and will inspire others and with each shot, I’ll try to take breaths away.

The camera has taken its toll over the years and as the D40X will spend time in storage now, I’d like to share with our dearest readers that it’s not the tool for the job, but the man using the tool for the job to get it done that counts. :-)

- Syuk

How Do You See The World?

Despite the cosy weather yesterday, I still went out to Orchard Rd last nite to catch the X’mas lights but saw it in a different light.

Take a breath and enjoy the series of images. ;-)

Images copyright of Pixareuz© Photography.

Hearts of blue. :-)

Twinkle twinkle xmas lights. :-)

Hearts of gold. :-)

Twinkling stars. :-)

Waves of love. :-) 

We all have our own perspective on how we see the world through our eyes. N as the saying goes, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. :-)

So how do you see the world now?

Have a great weekend ahead and share the love, everyone. ;-)

- Syuk