Ma Amia Belle – Heryanti & Girlfriends

Heryanti took up the promo as soon as Ma Amia Belle was launched and she got 4 of her closest girlfriends for this experience. Even though the girls came reallyyy late for the shoot, they managed to make up for the time loss to give me a wonderful and fun experience. TOTALLY!! 🙂

All five girls, Heryanti, Ame, Nadira, Siti & Ernie, really made my work an easy one and I really enjoyed every second of it! 😛

Here are the images from the 1st ever Ma Amia Belle photoshoot. Enjoy, and of course, comments are very much appreciated! 😉

All images are copyright of Pixareuz© Photography.

The girls just went into the shoot feeling hyped! 😛

They were pointing at the soccer boys in the field! 😛

Oooh la la~~

Strike a pose, ladies! 😉

Don’t ask me why. Siti was just being herself! 😛

I really love this shot somehow. 🙂

Introducing Ernie! She’s very good with her poses. It’s really vogue, i tell you!

This is Heryanti. Just look at her boots! Even my NS boots ain’t that high! 😛

Well from the shot, u can tell she’s Siti, the kecoh one! hehehe! 😛

This is the lovely Ame! 🙂

N this is Nadira! She looks cute in every frame! hehe! 😛

The pillars of friendship! 🙂

Oh yes, while we were shooting over here, a Cisco van pulled over on the opposite side of the road and a bunch of officers came out and went, “phewweettt.. lawa seh!!”. hehehehe!! 😛

Credits to Syidah for helping me keep a lookout for oncoming vehicles for this shot. Thanks, Syidah! I appreciate it! 🙂

Uncle was just speechless when the girls surrounded him! hehe! 😛

 Well… There you go! The 1st ever Ma Amia Belle photoshoot! 😉

I would like to thank all five ladies, Heryanti, Siti, Ernie, Ame & Nadira, for the best times and I’d definitely not forget the 1st ever Ma Amia Belle shoot! If I had the chance, I’d do it all over again! (but not for free ok, Siti.. haha!) 😛 You ladies were G R E A T! N I quote from Siti, “We shoot not for fame but coz we know we rawk!” 😉

p/s: Should anyone be interested to engage my photography service, kindly email at for further enquiries. 😉

– Syuk


10 thoughts on “Ma Amia Belle – Heryanti & Girlfriends

    • Thanks, Ame! I appreciate the kind compliments. Glad you love the images. Credits to all of you ladies for making my work an easy one! 🙂

  1. Syukkriiii!!!! ~*BIG HUG*~
    I LOVE THIS!!!! Huge thnks to u for being ever so patience wif us and thank u, thank u sooooo much for making this look so fabulous!!
    Making US look so fabulous…

    • yes, Heryanti! hehehe..

      it’s always my pleasure to keep my clients pleased. 🙂 N I didn’t make u ladies look fabulous. You all are F A B U L O U S!!! 😉

  2. nicely done syukri!! thnx again for ur patience and endurance during the shoot. we’ll come see u again wen we’re gonna hit the big 40 yeah!!

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