The Lil’ Miss-es – Ma Amia Belle

The month of July has been a lovely one, here at Pixareuz© Photography. 🙂 We’ve had enjoyable sessions with groups of girlfriends! This is another one of them.

Mardiana decided to have a photoshoot to celebrate 10 years of friendship with her closest girlfriends and the girls decided to wear shades of blue on that day.

Here are the images to share with you guys. Enjoy! 😉

All images copyright of Pixareuz© Photography.

Mardiana with her girlfriends, Sanah, Hasanah, Noni, Jehan & Saniah. 🙂

One of my favourite images from the album. 🙂

This is Mardiana, the Lil’ Miss Delirium. 😛

Sanah, the Lil’ Miss Bi-Polar Disorder. 😛

This is Noni, the Lil’ Miss Sleeping Disorder. 😛

Saniah, the Lil’ Miss Aneroxic. 😛

This is Hasanah, the Lil’ Miss Autistic. 😛

N this is Jehan, the Lil’ Miss Schizo, which I have no idea what that means! haha! 😛

These are their nicknames. So what’s yours?  😉

Jehan was complaining coz she was having a hard time opening her eyes due to the Sun’s glare. 😛

The whirlpool of friendship 😛

Nasty things were happening while this shot was being taken. Really NASTY things. haha! 😛

Don’t ask me why but ask the girls why Saniah was pinched in this shot! 😛

Definitely enjoyed my time with the girls during this short session with them. What’s it like to be around a bunch of girls with their girlfriends? That’s how it’s like! 😉

Thank you Mardiana, Jehan, Noni, Hasanah, Sanah & Saniah! 🙂

On a side note, the director and myself really enjoyed meeting up with Mardiana to pass the items to her. hehehe! 😛

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– Syuk