Sneak Peek 6 ~ Eternel Du Marriage of Adlina & Zayed

Okay, seriously you must be wondering how much longer this is gonna take. Erm, we do not know the answer ourselves! But we do know, the full launch will take place this upcoming 1st January 2011! Now, that doesn’t seem too far, does it? 😉

Here’s one of my favourite images from the set actually. Somehow there’s something so unique about this shot; the expression is sharp yet subtle at the same time. Love it 🙂

Image copyright of Pixareuz© Photography.

– Pixareuz© Photography

Availability of 2011 Wedding Slots!

Hi everyone! Pixareuz© is still open for these months. Please do enquire should your wedding day fall anywhere in these few listed months, and you’d like to engage our photography service for your special day! 😉

May 2011 – 2 slots

July 2011 –  2 slots

Sep 2011 – 2 slots

Oct 2011 – 2 slots

Nov 2011 – 1 slot

Dec 2011 – 1 slot

Do hurry and book us now before someone else takes the slot away! First come first served basis! We would love to hear from you. 😉

– Pixareuz© Photography

Sneak peek 4 ~ Eternel Du Marriage of Adlina & Zayed

This is it! The fourth preview of this collection 🙂

Hmmm.. we did mention we’ll give a hint on what this is all about, right? Well, have you liked/loved what you’ve seen? There’s definitely more to add to this. If you would love to have your very own wedding images as special as this collection, we’d like you to hang in there till we launch this entire set. 😉

Pixareuz© Photography prefers to make use of natural sceneries and paint lovely couples into the surroundings to beautify or don a particular picture. We thus very often, capture images against natural backdrops because we believe that breathaking moments are accompanied by breathtaking views, and this, can only be experienced and played with, under the sun. hehe! 😉

We hope you’ll love this one as well 🙂

Image copyright of Pixareuz© Photography.

By the way, the next post will be on our facebook page! Please do not hesitate to be our friend/fan if you haven’t already done so 😉 Thank you!

– Pixareuz© Photography

Sneak Peek 3 ~ Eternel Du Marriage of Adlina & Zayed

“Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.”

Image copyright of Pixareuz© Photography.

You might be wondering, here’s the very first time there are so many ‘sneak peeks’, haha! 😛

Frankly, we have yet to decide how many sneak peeks we will be showcasing. So that’s definitely a surprise for you and us! But anyhow, please look forward to seeing more of their images on our blog. We really really love this collection, so if you’d really like to know what we’re up to, do come back to the next blog post of Eternel Du Marriage’ and we’ll give you all a hint. 😉

– Pixareuz© Photography

Sneak peek 2 ~ Eternel Du Marriage of Adlina & Zayed

Well, you’ve seen their absolutely elegant side. Here’s their simply casual facet, yet they still look just as gorgeous.

Still wondering what’s this all about? We have nothing more to disclose, other than purely asking all of you to keep tuning in to our page for more updates! 😉

Image copyright of Pixareuz© Photography.

– Pixareuz© Photography

Celebrating Nadia & Gadaffi

Every wedding is an experience and another learning journey for myself and this wedding celebration was definitely a one to remember. 🙂 Nadia was recommended by one of my previous clients, Ayu & Thahir, which I did their family outdoor photoshoot last year.

Nadia & Gadaffi’s event was held on two separate weekends and here are the highlights from both weekends. Enjoy! 😉

Images copyright of Pixareuz© Photography.

Painting the canvas with heart and passion. That’s art. 🙂

Nadia’s beautiful Henna.

The newly wedded Mr & Mrs Gadaffi. 🙂

Nadia also had her Henna done on her feet too. 🙂

Sometimes I surprise myself with such images. 🙂

Walking down the aisle in smiles and laughter is definitely a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? 🙂 No wonder I keep hearing people say, “I feel like getting married again”. 😛

A short speech given by Nadia’s sister …

… that touched both of them. 🙂

Even the little one congratulated the couple. Really sweet of him. 🙂

Definitely had an experience celebrating the couple’s wedding and of course, wishing them a blissful marriage ahead, insyaAllah. 🙂

– Syuk