Lil’ Tots – Rohaiza & Family

It was supposed to be a first time meeting this family on the day for the photoshoot. But after realizing her email address, place of stay and the no. of kids she has, soon I came to know that Rohaiza is someone that I know since my childhood days! Small world indeed. 🙂

We got pretty excited when we finally met at the location for the shoot and yes, it was my first time shooting for a family with 3 kids. All I can say is, I enjoyed every minute with this lovely family. 🙂

Well, here are the images to share with our dearest readers and of course, comments are much appreciated. 🙂

All images copyright of Pixareuz© Photography.

Rewind back to the days when we were little and were told to close our eyes and this is what you’ll get. 🙂

There they are! Raiyan, Danial & Haikal. The three handsome brothers! Well, one is cute actually. hah! 😛

Brotherly …

… love 🙂

I know what you’re thinking. 😛

Told them I brought presents and boy were they excited! 🙂

Danial and Haikal didn’t have much trouble blowing bubbles but the lilttle one was blowing his saliva all over most of the time. Hah! Ain’t he the cutest! 😀

Since Raiyan had troubles blowing, I figured it’d be more fun for him to pop the bubbles instead, with the help of his elder brothers of course. Hehehe! 😛

Yup, he enjoyed it very much! 😀

N here are the parents to the three little young man, Rohaiza & Zulkanain. Both of them met each other while studying in NUS and I brought them down memory lane for a bit. 🙂

Well back to the boys now.. I donno why but Rohaiza suddenly told them that I have another present in store and yes, I was already going “what the?”. hahahah.. Thank goodness for some reason I brought another camera that day so I took it out and let them have a go at it. 🙂

When boys get hold on their new toy … happens to me sometimes. 😛

Haikal started immitating me once he held the camera. Such a bright young boy! 🙂

When the world is your playground, you know you’re a kid. 🙂

The joy of playing on the swing …

… with the helping hands of your brothers. 🙂

Sometimes, you don’t need a clear shot to feel the emotion in it. 🙂

I definitely enjoyed the short photo session with this young family and if given the chance, I’d do the shoot again and run around with the kids next time. Hehehe.. 😛

I thank Rohaiza and family for engaging Pixareuz© Photography and giving me this wonderful experience. 😉

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– Syuk

Engagement of Shasha & Naseer

This lovely couple engaged me for their engagement recently and I’m glad to have been part of their celebration. 🙂

Here are the highlights from their engagement ceremony. Comments are very much appreciated!

All images copyright of Pixareuz© Photography.

Shasha’s secondary school friends were busy going through their pictures from their secondary school days kept by Shasha. 🙂


Shasha’s mother checking on her daughter. Can’t believe she looks young! 🙂

It’s not the flowers this time, it’s the ring that binds. 🙂
Did I mentioned that Shasha has been our follower since Multiply days? Thank you to the both of them for the endless support, and am grateful that I managed toto be a part of this happy occasion. Once again, thank you so much and hope to meet again someday! Have a blessed ride on this new journey, and keep in touch!
– Syuk

Engagement of Safiah & Hairul

I’ve known Safiah since my National Service (NS) days back in late 2007. She did her ambulance attachment at the same fire station where I did my NS, Bukit Batok Fire Station. Yeah~ those were the days~~ 😛

Ok, before I get carried away with flashbacks (hah! :-P), I recently covered Safiah’s engagement not too long ago and her place were flooded with familiar faces (another flashback interruptions). It was all smiles from start till the end of the event. 🙂

Well before I get more flashbacks, here are the highlights to share with our dearest readers. Enjoy and of course, comments are very much appreciated! 😉

All images are copyright of Pixareuz© Photography.

A little smile to ease that nervous moment. 🙂

All set and done. Just waiting for that moment. 🙂

Meanwhile, the guests are all enjoying the yummylicious buffet outside… 😛

… told you they were busy with the buffet. 😉

N as usual, the most busiest person is always the mother. 😛

Even the little one came to celebrate Safiah’s engagement. 🙂

Prayers to bless their engagement.

The moment. 🙂

Flaunting the new ring and status. She has been through a lot and deserves this moment I believe. 🙂

Hugs from family and friends. 🙂

Gifts for Hairul’s representetives.

We all know who it is. Hehehe.. 😛

Safiah with Lian, a past client whom I covered her wedding last year. We caught up with times and hmm… even gossips too! Sssshhh.. hahaha! 😛 It was nice to meet her and husband there. 🙂

Safiah changed to another outfit of her own. N she still can’t believe that she’s already engaged. “I’M OFFICIALLY ENGAGED!!” hah! 😛

Here’s a last one for this set. 🙂

I must say I had a pretty good time seeing familiar faces during her engagement and I thank Safiah for engaging me and having trust in my works. 🙂

Wishing her a blissful engagement together with Hairul till marriage. Amin.

p/s: Should anyone be interested to engage my photography service, kindly email at for further enquiries.

– Syuk