Engagement of Hazwany & Erwin

Hazwany is a very bubbly and cheerful character when I first met her for appointment and I had a feeling working with her is going to be a wonderful time!😀

True enough, I had a great time not only with her, but her family and friends too! :-D It was quite an occasion seeing all her close family, relatives, friends and even colleagues that day. Endless smiles and laughter from Hazwany and everyone around her.🙂

Well here are some highlights from her engagement and hope everyone’s having a good remaining halloween week and as always, comments are much appreciated!😉

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The smiles went from here on.😀

Hazwany’s working colleagues spending time before Erwin’s representatives came over.🙂

A little prayer.🙂

Arrival of Erwin’s representatives.🙂

The discussions …

… exchange of gifts …

… and prayers of blessings for the occasion and to both Hazwany & Erwin.🙂

The official moment.🙂


Celebrating it with her friends.😀

In her second outfit of the day!😀

I had a wonderful time working with Hazwany and love the warm hospitality from everyone on that day. Smiles and laughter all over.😀

Wishing Hazwany and Erwin a blessed engagement till marriage, insyaAllah.🙂

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– Syuk