Dance …

… like nobody’s watching. 🙂

Well, it is Friday! So prepare your party hats for the weekend~ 🙂

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Rohaida and her husband, Dani, celebrated their second month of marriage with a photoshoot recently and here’s a little peek into their images. 🙂

~ Syuk

Engagement of Emma & Rahman

Emma & Rahman engaged us during the Expo exhibition held in January for their engagement recently and well, what can I say? I was surrounded by warm and lovely people the whole day on her E-Day.

Emma is such a natural candid person in front of the lens too. :-)  N she has a lovely pink room that all girls would wanna have. :-P

Here are the highlights from Emma’s E-Day. Enjoy and of course, comments are much appreciated. :-)

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Gotta love her room. 🙂

Lovely Emma. :-)

Had a great time working with the makeup artist too! :-)

Love the details of her outfit. :-)

With the cousins. 😛

Need I say more? 😛

Officially engaged! :-)

Emma was invited outside so everyone could have a good look at the newly engaged Emma! :-)

Prayers to bless the engagement. :-)

Friends and colleagues.

They got engaged on their 5 years of relationship, by the way. :-)

One thing I wanna say from the experience with Emma and Rahman. Everything happens for a reason and fate can sometimes bring u together with an old friend you haven’t met for a long time. :-)

It’s been a joy working with Emma and Rahman. Have a blessed engagement and hope to hear from you guys again! 🙂

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~ Syuk