The Exclusive Backstage Pass …

… photo. 🙂

Guests usually go thinking, “what’s the colour?”, or how the bride and groom would look before they arrive for the event. Questions only answered when the couple finally appear before everyone.

While all the invited guests are at the reception waiting in anticipation for the two most important people to arrive, there are a few who gets the privilige to meet them beforehand.

It’s quite an experience when you get to see what goes on and at times, it’s quite serious, or relaxed or even comical. 😛

Image copyright of Pixareuz Photography.

“Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory” ~ Unknown

Whatever the mood is, I try to capture the little things we oversee. 🙂

– Syuk

Finally …

… I got a shot of a couple at COLBAR. 🙂

Been longing for a shot over here and after waiting for a good two years, I finally have one.

Image copyright of Pixareuz Photography.

This is from last week’s post wedding outdoor photoshoot with Rohaida and Dani. They just celebrated their two months of marriage together. N there’s another half of the photoshoot to go after they return from their trip in Europe. 🙂

– Syuk

Singapore Skyline

Was out and about with my brother last weekend and spent quality time with him. Did a little night photography too and here’s something to share with our dearest readers.

Image copyright of Pixareuz Photography.

Quite a view, isn’t it? 😉 Click on the image to see a larger view of it. 🙂

PS. I didn’t use a tripod for this shot. 😛

– Syuk

Dressing Up …

… for the occasion.

It’s such a sad sight to see people not dressing up for a wedding celebration. I mean, it’s not a day out in the park or hanging out with friends around town in shorts and caps. It’s a wedding.

Here’s a very good example of how I view a good dress code for attending a wedding celebration. 🙂

Image copyright of Pixareuz Photography.

We should learn from this toddler. 😉

N this is the boy that kept calling me ‘Clickman’ during Aliff & Suriani’s wedding celebration. 🙂

– Syuk

Fine Weather

I always find that Friday is always a very hot day. I’m not sure about the ladies but for the muslim men, remember those times in primary/secondary/JC/poly days? Going to Masjid with friends to perform the Friday prayers, walking together to and back. It will usually be a very fine weather during the walk.

Well, today is that typical fine Friday weather again. I always think that before the weekends arrive, everybody has to go through something before enjoying a good long rest over the weekend.

Hope everyone is having a good Friday and have a great weekend ahead! 😉

Image copyright of Pixareuz Photography.

Can you take the heat? 😉

– Syuk

Delurking Day

Yes, I know delurking day has passed but hey, Pixareuz Photography would love to hear from all the silent readers and followers on our blog to speak up. Come on, I’m sure you’ve something you’d like to know or see more on this blog. 😉

For those who have no idea what it is, Delurking Day is a day where all our dear blog readers leave a comment (no matter how small). Especially YOU, yes youuu… I know you’ve been reading and following our blog but not leaving any comment. 😛

It’s time to de-lurk and make yourself known to us! We wanna make friends and get to know you too! 🙂

Don’t be shy now.. Just tell us your name and how you got to know about this blog or what you wanna see more over here. 🙂

Don’t be another lurker, it’s time to de-lurk! Happy delurking! 😀

– Syuk